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Packaging Design & Development

Medreich Packaging team is continuously working to preserve the quality, potency and safety of the pharmaceutical products through the intended shelf life. The team develops primary and secondary packaging complying with all the customer and regulatory requirements for various dosage forms like Tablets, Capsules, Oral solutions/suspensions, Syrup, Injectables, Sachets and Ophthalmic preparations.

Medreich has dedicated packaging capability which can handle different type of packing configurations like blisters (handling PVC/PVDC/ACLAR, PP & Alu- Alu), blister in pouch, tropical blister, strip, child resistant blister, bottle with CRC & screw cap, injectables followed by automated secondary packaging which also supports pharma code reading, anti-counterfeit features meeting customer and country specific requirements.

Artwork and labeling functions are an intrinsic part for the supply of a pharmaceutical product, and are fully capable to meet customer and regulatory requirements. The packaging team is equipped to handle numerous artworks with the concept of Right First Time with project management, repository management with version controls. The team has capability of designing packaging with both overt and covert anti-counterfeit features.

We work closely with our customers to gather inputs while developing and finalizing its packaging case, pallet specifications & containerization to maximize efficiency and utility at all stages of the product supply chain.