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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a Pharmaceutical Company we are socially responsible and conscious about the interest of all the key stakeholders and involving community at large in general. We aim to work harder to win and retain their trust. The involvement plan has been created with an objective of meeting socio economic, healthcare, Environment Health and Safety requirements of local community with significant engagement initiatives in such a way to give priority to be a responsible Corporate.

Medreich believes in the policy of providing healthcare and more specifically preventive healthcare that is beneficial to the needy of the society who cannot afford expensive medical treatment at large, by providing timely and advanced healthcare and other medical facilities to all in its local area of operation with a vision to create an environment which enables to execute the diction HEALTH FOR ALL.

"Winning Together" – is an earnest initiative that aims to make persuasive and systematic contributions beyond Medreich, in the areas of healthcare, community service & social development, Environment health and safety projects.

Our focus is in identifying the areas of development and improvement with total transparency and share values with our Bandhanites to engage them effectively in our journey of CSR to become responsible corporate citizen.